The Spanish Fleet Disaster is a disaster that occurred at the end of October in 2015. At the docks of Lisbon, where the ships of Spain sat, player loganxze came and attempted to steal the entirely of Spain's fleet. At the time, DONREPANOCHA was unaware of what was occurring, but was soon to find out.

The following details are controversial. One of the claims was that Potatoetron came to Spain and attempted to get rid of logan by spawning a wither, but his plan failed and ended up blowing up several of the ships, while kingcasey3 was in his presence. Another claim suggests that casey was the one who was responsible for the explosion.

What remains uncontroversial is the fact that loganxze managed to steal several of Spain's ships, which he admitted to, and he was punished for it by Cham. Meanwhile, Potatoetron managed to save one of Spain's ships and bring it to Chicago for the Spaniards to recover. Spain and Chicago formed a sort of alliance because of this. The other ship that logan stole was also returned to Spain.

The ships that were blown up were not able to be recovered, and AreoGames and Nstved have been hired to reconstruct the ships.

The significance of this disaster is that is caused outrage and controversy not only from within Spain, but to other parties as well. A court meeting was held to determine the real events of the disaster in the Madrid courthouse, with Cham as judge, and to serve justice.

loganxze was punished, and kingcasey3 was kicked from Spain out of suspicion in his involvement in the disaster. He returned to Spain only to gather his belongings, and left Spain out of anger about Calagun's approach to the situation. He would then form Pyongyang, and the Royal Republic.

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