The Tuscan Series is a series of movecraft fighters designed by Stevairus that have a futuristic spaceship-like look to them. The series technically does not include Extuscans but they are included in this list as well. Every single one has a distinct design and distinct features, as well as a copyright on that design. Infringement of this copyright will result in some sort of admin-determined punishment.

Tuscans Edit

Here is a list of Tuscans, from the Tuscan MK I to the latest model Tuscan as of today along with images. (gettin there)

Tuscan MK I Edit

The Tuscan MK I is a small Class 1 military fighter equipped with 2 arrow/charge guns on either side. Their position and the tightness of the cabin is most inconvenient, as it forces the pilot to look to the left and right to fire them. The Tuscan MK I was discontinued because of it's cabin size and uncomfortable design, although it's size has only ever been matched by the Khalos.


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