The War Between USSR and SpainEdit

Date of Occurence: Late November 2015

Leaders: brandonross (USSR), DONREPANOCHA (Spain)

Players involved: DONREPANOCHA, brandonross, AbsurdAj, FimmyJargo, Cham, AddyF, Calagun, rafaellabbe, Kingcasey3

Result: USSR Victory

The War Between USSR and Spain was a war that occured in late November of 2015. Many revolutionary changes occured as a result of this, such as the unofficial "downfall" of Spain, and some players leaving the server, such as Calagun, and Rennington123.

The EventsEdit

On the forums for several weeks, brandonross was stating that he wished to declare war on Spain, and he protested that Spain was "hiding behind the neutrality of the Democratic Alliance." DONREPANOCHA and Calagun attempted to defend Spain against war being declared. dimavr2 finally decided that he would have the Democratic Alliance disbanded, which caused many towns to loose claim blocks, and be rendered nationless. 

After the downfall of the great DA, brandonross formed his own nation, The USSR. Many towns that had suffered from the fall of the DA joined brandon's nation. It became quite large. After brandonross protested on the forums about Spain doing a "war crime by not being in a nation," Admin Cham decided that he would create a nation for Spain, which was named Tesla, and said that if Spain were to delete this nation, it would be considered a crime of war, and that leader of Spain, DONREPANOCHA would be banned for several weeks.

After several days, brandonross set war flags in Spain, and began attacking. Many people participated in this war. Most fought for brandon's side, while some supported Spain by defending it. AbsurdAj, an Admin, fought for Spain. During this time, DONREPANOCHA is said to of watched as his town that he had built from the ground up, get destroyed and taken over by their enemies. Calagun left the nation of Spain and did not return to the server after this point. 

The AftermathEdit

In the end, many parts of Spain were destroyed and taken over by other towns. The resident population of Spain also decreased from 27 to 20, loosing a great amount of claim blocks. The day after the event of the war, Spain's damage was rolled back, but the towns still had parts of Spain claimed, and parts of Spain were no longer claimed at all. Spain had great amounts of money in its bank, which were all taken during the war. After the rollback, some parts of Spain were griefed once again. brandonross was worried that he would be punished. brandonross then apologized for what he has done, and claimed to of became a "pacifist" for now on.

The USSR was deleted by brandon, which upsetted some players (rafaellabbe). Spain, although still standing, has almost all of its residents quite inactive. It could be said that it is now a "wasteland." Now, Spain is no longer the dominant town of the server.