Three Towers of Madrid

Main attributes
Type of building Business skyscrapers complex
Location Modern part of Madrid (Second Era)
Date of construction Along first half of 2015
Architect Atchy_SK
Use Offices
Owner Government of Madrid
Technical attributes
Materials Glass, stoneslabs (floors)
Sizes Unknown
The Three Towers, aka Atchy Towers, was a complex of three business small skyscrapers located near the Madrid Bridge, in modern part of Madrid (Second Era). The architect was Atchy_SK. They were three glass towers, each tower higher than the last one. The towers got round bases, and there was a small water area in front of them. There were small bridges to link the street and the towers` entrances.

The project took much time to be finished, stopped for many reasons (World War Three, the architect was busy, lack of materials, etc...) The construction was finished thanks to the Second Industrial Revolution of Madrid, when the new factory began producing glass and stone in massive quantities.

Often, these towers have been compaired with the irl Four Towers Business Area, in irl Madrid, but Atchy didn`t know those towers when he designed his project. They disappeared with the rest of Madrid in the July Reset.