Timurid-Mongol war

Some attributes
Date Summer 2014
Belligerent A Mongolia (TheCarlagas)

Northern Union (JDVCrafter, Flyingaero)

Belligerent B Timurids (Eagle)

WestAfrica (BuilderS, GA)

Resoult Timurids won
Causes Hostilities between Mongols and Timurids

Fake treaty between Eagle and Carl

Consequences Disbanding of Mongolia, sacking of Karakorum, expansion of the Timurid influence in Asia
Type of conflict International towny war
The Timurid-Mongol War was a very short war during the Timurid Federation's infancy. After making a peace deal together, the Mongols of Karakorum (led by TheCarlagas) invaded the interim capitol of Karakol.

Parties of WarEdit

Mongol Alliance Edit

Timurid Alliance Edit

Outcome Edit

The Mongols invaded Karakol, but after skilled fighting by the Timurids, they were forced out and put on the defensive. The end result was a siege of Karakorum that lasted for a few hours. The Northern Union pulled out of the war (due to real life) after Timurid and African Troops pushed through all defensive lines, giving no rest to the battered remaining Mongol defenders in Karakorum. Soon After, the Mongol forces surrendered (this claim is disputed), handing over the city to the Timurids to disband. Karakorum was sacked and control over Asia then was put into Timurid Hands.