Hello everyone! I have started a weapons shop.You will find my shop across from FuegoTheViking 's Mypet shop. Also check out his wiki page for more info. For right now i'm still working on it. Right now i will only be helping with repairing, enchanting, craft etc. But I will be helping to craft or selling any guns or etc. I will also be selling default weapons. I will also be selling ammo for the the bows and the guns.Here is a list of the prices I will have

Repairing: 100$


Wooden swords:10$

Gold swords:30$

Stone swords:50$

Iron swords:100$

Diamond swords:250$


Enchanting: 110$


Also since it is a claimed area, if you want something to repair, you will have to give what you want to repair and the amount of diamonds it will take. Same with enchanting you give me the item and how many lapis it will require. I'm sorry but do not have the prices yet for the guns and ammo, but they will come soon. I will also not be helping with a tools, there is a tool shop that is coming soon to the financial district. :)

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