[About The City] Edit

Ulaanbaatar was a small town in the Mongolian region that held residence to a little less than a dozen citizens.. We are not sure who owned it, but it disappeared on April 9th, 2015. It is located in the desert-like mountainous region of Mongolia, and was isolated due to it being built in a large pit in the ground. The architecture was very impressive, using jungle wood combined with green glass panes, Stone Brick, and some golded blocks. There was a small square in the city's lower section that had a canal pouring into a pond. There was also a storage building, two houses, a watchtower, some farms, and a well-built array of bridges.

[History and Current Status] Edit

Ulaanbaatar used to be the capital of a one-town nation known as the Central Khanate and has since gone bankrupt, leaving the town to be claimed by player Mr_Chicken702 The town remained in the same status it was when independent and had not had anything removed except items from chests. The town disappeared in the wake of The Third Reset Era.

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