The urban structure is the general arrangement of a town, the shape of the town depending, for example, of the streets distribution. There are several types in the server which have been followed in different towns.

Structure Types Edit

Bgrapean Structures: Created by Bgrape. To begin a town, before building the houses, several streets are made. Usually stone streets, and the streets cut each other creating small plots for future building. It is similar to ancient Roman towns structures. (Pre-reset Rome, Cahokia, New Cahokia)

Majorpain40 Structures: The center of the town is a massive huge square with the town hall. (Old Berlin, Berlin, Warsaw, Bucharest. Similar: Turin)

Imperial Structures (aka Capital Structures): It has several features similar to Majorpain40 structures. It has medium-big buildings along big and comfortable streets and avenues. Sometimes, stone has an important role in this style. (Madrid, Budapest)

Builder's Structures: Narrow-middle streets surrounded of very small houses, sometimes tall towers. Streets are mainly straight and cut other streets without a clear organization: (Axim, Yamossoukro, Phnom Penh)

Northern Structures: It appeared in Northern Union towns. The main building at the town is the dock. The rest of the town is located on a hill, connected with the dock by stairs. (Tasiilak, Reykjavik, Bergen)

Skyscraper Structures: There are two different types:

  • Skyline: Several skyscrapers, with some streets to link them. (North Korea, Mendoza, Baltimore)

Plot Structures: All the buildings are made along straight streets by using chunk plots (16x16 plots). (New York City, Washington DC)

Zatos' Structures: The town, usually not very big, is built around or near a big castle, which is the most important building and many of town's functions are held there. There are usually walls surrounding the town and parts of it. (Luanda, Tehran)

Federationist Structures: The main place of the town is a citadel. There are light beacons and buildings use an austere style. (Mendoza, Majahanga)

Royal Structures: Created by Kingcasey3, this is a type of town where the centre is a town square, and from there, 4 paths spread out to eventually form a metropolis. (Pyongyang, Santa Fe and Paris).

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