Hello there!

I want to say that it`s amazing the way in which our wiki has grown. I want to say thanks mainly to JustinJacob, who has turned into a really nice author on here. There are more and more edits everyday, and a heap of information is already registered in our page. We can say that the project has become a success. We know every detail of history since the wiki was created til now, while the time before of the creation of the Wiki has a huge difference (much less content). That means that the Wiki works nicelly.

The wiki has helped the Server and server`s towns to gain inmortality on these pages. So I encourage everyone to help here, so we will continue breaking records all toghether.

Carl and I will continue creating new stuff for the wiki. Recently, we are working on full history`s summaries. These will make History easier to reach for people, so you can learn the whole history without read 100 pages.

I want to say thanks too to MCPE`s admins, who trusted our wiki to turned into official.

See you all in the server and the wiki! -Admin DONRE

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