Hello, my IGN is flyingaero119, and I make regular (read: mainly grammatical) edits to the MinecraftPlanetEarth wiki, making sure information is clear, accurate, un-biased, professional-looking, and easy to read. That doesn't mean I won't use complex words, though.

Right. My goals for the glory of the wiki:

  • Improve as many pages as I can on the wiki, while still having a life
  • Improve the accuracy of content on the wiki as much as possible in a way that is not overly biased toward any third parties
  • Add new articles when necessary
  • Revise entire articles to be more reader-friendly and have less spelling/grammatical errors.
  • With this work, attract and inform players of our server's history, lore, and so on.
  • Add more pictures and video if an article is lacking, or if I have access to said files that can be added to the wiki.

That is all I have for right now, and I hope to see you on the server!

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