Everyone: Kingcasey3 is gonna destroy server history. He said he is gonna claim cahokia, and then blow it up to make space for some type of Arena. Some of you might not have known, but Cahokia was the first town i joined after the reset, and after WWI, it was destroyed by kingcasey3 and the_local_dude. But now, he said he has full authority over it, even though i was the successor of bgrape. I ruled the town, called New_cahokia, and abandoned it after the thing that deleted everything done in 3 days, the host switch. He is now gonna claim it after Friday, and blow it up. If he does it, i will probably declare war on him. WE HAVE TO PRESERVE IT!! WHO IS WITH ME??? We have to stop him. After that, he might move onto some other ruins, such as scottsboro and houston. WE ARE THE WIKI and our goal is to preserve server history.

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