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  • I live in Mexico City
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • TheCarlagas

    So, first, you must know that I no longer play here, but I guess I will talk about a small project of mine. In MCPE (and maybe other servers) I will get a World Map and I will make a map of the world every week. After some time, I could make an animation to see how the server has changed.

    I mean, this could even help me understand the server a bit more.

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  • TheCarlagas

    Ok people, I'm really tired because everyone is just trying to ruin the economy to have a reset. What I think is, we don't need one. There are several different ways to fix the economy, without deleting beautiful towns and towns that some players have put a big effort like London, Madrid and Basra.

    I'm making this blog because people are getting annoying and everyone is making new forum threads with a new poll asking if we need a reset or not, after their last thread was unsuccessful. I mean, I finally understand Don and Aero.

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