Flag Venecia
Italian flag, used by Venice as official flag.
Some attributes
Nation Merchants Republic
King (Mayor) xXCodeNameEagleXx
Foundation October 2014
Location North-East Italy
The town of Venice was a town located in North-East of Italy. It was created after the Reset by xXCodeNameEagleXx as capital of Merchants Republic. After Eagle left the server, the town was abandoned and Dragonparadox took it and led it into Democratic Union. The town is currently abandoned and the buildings were in ruins until an experiment flattened the town.

The town Edit

The town was built in unusual materials like clay or bricks. Also there were many water streets, like irl, where some boats were parked. There were also some public buildings like a main house (did it work as town hall?), a meeting hall and a public ovens hall.

Economy Edit

At the begginings, the food in Venice used to come from farms at North of the town. After farmers left the town, Venice began to import food from Madrid, one of the towns inside the nation Merchants Republic, ruled by Venice.

We don`t know about economy in Paradox Age.

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