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Vientiane was a town owned by MajorPAIN40. It has a central Buddhist Architecture Town hall surrounded with 4 beacons and was built by 7_17builderS. Next to the town hall is the flag of Laos, of which Vientiane was the administrative capital of. Around the city hall were multiple colourful and identical houses to match the real world counterpart's Socialist/Communist Government system. After the town spawn was moved to different locations to fend off war hungry dictators, Vientiane fell due to new turbulent leadership and economic issues brought on from war against the SpideyBren2000 and the_local_dude. They cite the reason for attacking was the new leader, ClayFish, "being a total ass to them and making war threats he couldn't back up". It is now a place for the new mayor of Bangkok, justinjacob, to hang out, grief, and do random stuff with his friends all to the nuisance of the builder of it all MajorPAIN40.