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Don't confuse with the city of: Masovia (Old Warsaw)

The town of Warsaw is a former town created single-handedly by MajorPAIN40. However, he left due to problems with his citizens. Because they were, in Major's opinion, "slack-jawed village idiots with no culture or clue of what a good town is"

Some attributes
Nation Ecumenical Empire
King (Mayor) MajorPAIN40
Foundation March 2015
Location Poland, Europe

Creation Edit

After leaving London due to not wanting to put up with the wars ClayFish kept starting with outside stronger bigger powers, MajorPAIN40 left to Warsaw. He started by creating a town hall, which unlike he wanted to do, became the world's largest consuming over 100 stacks of stone and approx. 70 stacks of dark oak wood. After creating a perimeter, he created a city square of which he build roads and buildings (specifically rowhouses) around, creating a strong socialist infrastructure.

Period of sustained growth Edit

After a group of people saw the, in Major`s words, "glory and house sizes of the town", people began immigrating en masse from all over the world, however this lasted only a week or so due the reason Warsaw fell.

Downfall and deletion Edit

After getting to the maximum the town reached at 13 citizens, people began leaving Warsaw. The population went from 13, to 11, to 7, to 5, which left 1 active citizen, MajorPAIN40. Due to the fact that he made all these towns with his own material and sold them for the good of his people for free, Major found it insulting when his townfolk left Warsaw for places which he considered "3rd world terrible cities such as Lagos and Mandalay". Feeling betrayed that people left towns for houses in fact smaller than 1 floor of a Warsaw house, Major felt stabbed in the back by his "slack jawed village scum-sucking swine that he found the misfortune to know due to how uncultured and idiotic they are" (real quote by MajorPAIN40), he left Warsaw for Chicago which claimed the town. OwlCharles immediately made it an official colony where Major was "burgomeister".

Present Day Edit

Now the admins claimed over the town for the server like the city Mendoza. Now it is the place you warp to in Europe from spawn. After MajorPAIN40 left the server for what seemed like forever, the admins made a MajorPAIN40 statue in his honour.

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