The Warsaw-Lisbon road was a project of road linking Warsaw and Lisbon. The part located in former Warsaw is named Lisbon Street and is mostly build with gravel. The part linking the former Warsaw with the Polish coast is mostly build with sand. After turning left at the coast, the road become made in cobble. After the 1/10/2014 reset's announcement, Dominik stopped the construction. The reset finally took down all the project.

Build partEdit

  • Masovia
  • Masovia - Polish Coast
  • Polish Coast
  • Polish Coast - first lake of coast
  • first lake of coast

Never build partEdit

  • first lake of coast - German border
  • German border
  • German border - Berlin
  • Berlin
  • Berlin - German Coast
  • German Coast
  • German Coast - Denmark
  • Denmark
  • Denmark - German Coast
  • German Coast
  • German Coast - Netherlands
  • Netherlands
  • Netherlands - Belgium
  • Belgium
  • Belgium - Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux - Marseille
  • Marseille
  • Marseille - Amaredes
  • Amaredes
  • Amaredes - Gibraltar Gate
  • Gibraltar Gate
  • Gibraltar Gate - Lisbon
  • Lisbon

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