Creation Edit

The Town Of Washington began as a small settlement created by Zero Crazy AKA Sir_Rennington and Sandyduck, AKA Sir_Sandyduck and grew into a vastly growing town.

History Edit

Washington's first project was a giant stone quarry leading down to bedrock with multiple tunnels on each floor of the quarry, Washington made most of its money selling of stone, cobblestone, stone bricks, etc.. Most of the towns buildings were made of cobblestone, stone bricks, and stone, later when new resources were found they started remodeling to get rid of the ugly stone buildings. The next project was a sheep farm of each color, as the sheep were almost complete The local dude killed all the sheep during a dispute between him and Zero_Crazy. Washington later became The USA's new capital and fixed up the nation that was once forgotten.

The Fall of Washington Edit

Washington met its demise when the server destroyed the town of Washington due to a towny glitch, leaving both Washington and the USA Nation destroyed and in rubble.

Present Day Edit

Though Washington couldn't be rebuilt Sir_Rennington kept the idea of owning The USA Nation and took control of New York City and is slowly rebuilding the damage caused to the nation

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