Some attributes
Date Saturday November 29th 2014, 7:00pm GMT

END: Sunday, the 30th 2014, 01:00am

Belligerent A United Republic
Belligerent B Democratic Union
Resoult Peace deal between both sides
Causes OwlCharles claiming on an old Kingcasey`s town?
Consequences Nothing
Type of conflict International towny war
World War 2, aka WW2 or WWII, was a siege between United Republic and the Democratic UnionThe war was started by Kingcasey3 and The local dude, when OwlCharles claimed over King's abandoned town of Darwin. The war began on Saturday November 29th, 7:00pm GMT, and ended at Sunday, the 30th, 01:00am. GA1109 and Zero Crazy also participated, Zero helping Darwin from the dynmap.

The Battle Edit

Kingcasey3 and The_local_dude both marched onto Darwin and began slaying the players (Tracenator1 and TigerClawMatthew). Unfortunately, Owl kept Trace out of his town, preventing The Allies from claiming land.

King came up with a master plan to set off a chain reaction to get Owl to let Trace into his town. Against Local's will, King marched into Madrid and claimed two plots of land. When the land was claimed, King used his famous slogan of war for the first recorded time: "Vivat Rex", translating to "Long live the King", or "May the King live" in Latin. King caused some destruction in a Madridtian building before retreating back to Darwin.

The Surrenders Edit

It is unknown who surrendered first, as both sides reluctantly gave up after hours of pointless fighting. Shortly after, Kingcasey3 got bored of Tokyo, and disbanded his town, setting off a chain of events that caused the fall of the United Republic, and the rise of the Great Federation. This would eventually cause World War 3.