Some attributes
Date Around 5th - 15th February 2015
Belligerent A Ecumenical Empire + allies (the Illuminati, the Mongols, etc...)
Belligerent B Great Federation
Resoult Ecumenical Empire and allies won
Causes Hostilities between Fed and Ecu, F1sh`s attempt to invade Madrid
Consequences Destruction of Mendoza, permanent ban of F1sh, almost destruction of Fed (Onionhunter, Federation`s heir, would disband it a bit after)
Type of conflict International towny war
The WW3 A.R. (After the Reset) was a massive conflict in February 2015. It was basically everyone against Great Federation.

The Beginning Edit

F1sh98 came onto the server with the idea of creating a big and powerful nation, little did anyone know that he would spark a war like none other. He first joined Madrid, while Madrid was on the verge of war with Tokyo. F1sh began talking of world domination with Kingcasey3. King dismissed it as new-player-induced excitement. F1sh left Madrid shortly after and created Mendoza. Mendoza started as a small settlement which rapidly grew into a giant empire, but has they got more powerful they started getting hostile with everyone, leading to holding towns ransom for millions of dollars, and settling outposts everywhere. F1sh loved to target small towns and get them to join his tyranny, a lot of nations and towns fell during the Federations living period...

The Uprising Edit

People had already had enough with F1sh98 but his next move shocked the entire server, unprovoked he attacked and claimed Madrid: the most peaceful town on the server and claimed "it is for the Federations capital town". After a few hours a Madrid War-Hero Sir_Rennington gathered up people from everywhere and lead the first uprising and attack against F1sh98, after about 4 hours F1sh surrendered and later Madrid was reclaimed again. This war inside WW3 is called Independence War of Madrid. After this all happened F1sh98 realized that people have had enough and will fight back...

World War 3 Edit

After the attack and reclaiming of Madrid, war broke out. The Mongols and the Illuminati made a bold attack against F1sh98 and claimed lots of land in Mendoza, with people fighting and stuff being destroyed F1sh knew his days were limited, as the fight continued other towns joined the fight to support this war against F1sh...

The End Of Mendoza Edit

F1sh's empire was falling apart fast, people were leaving his town because they finally saw the evil in him, but when a Mendoza citizens reported F1sh for having an illegal creeper spawner, it got him banned, when he appealed and came back on Mendoza was disbanded and was being blown up, F1sh was banned again permanently, the end of the tyranny was finally over. A Golden Age of peace began for the server and every town on it...