xCodeNameEagle (later renamed CodeNameEagle, aka as Code, xCode, or Eagle) was an early player on the old server who joined with GA1109. He would go on to make 2 large towns and was king of 3 massive empires, The Caribbean Union, The Timurid Dynasty/Empire, and The Merchants Republic. After creating his last town and empire, Venice of The Merchants Republic, he left the server citing that he was bored with Minecraft and was done for now. There was works of remaking Managua, capital of The Caribbean Union. but the idea was quickly scraped.

Eagle was also a staff member, attaining the rank of helper before the server reset along with friend GA1109. He was later promoted to moderator when 7_17BuilderS left the server. Before this he had VIP rank by finding 6/9 staff members in server hide and seek. Unfortunately, he lost all of these ranks when he quit the server.

He returned on August 5th of 2015, much to the shock of most of the players on the server. Today he resides in Savannah with real life friend GA1109.

Towns, Empires, Friends, and War Edit

Eagle as he coame to be known as made the towns of Managua (Caribbean Union), Samarquand (Timurid Empire), and Venice (Merchants Republic). These became the capitals of some of the largest military superpowers and nations ever known. The Merchants Republic in particular was the largest on the new server. The Merchants Republic later disappeared when Eagle left the server, causing the rise of the United Republic and the Wolfcoast Union.

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